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4 months ago

Don’t Fear Shedding Season… Get The SleekEZ

Yes, springtime has its benefits... warmer weather and longer days…

4 months ago

A Hoof Trimming Overview

Every horse owner should know what a good hoof trimming…

10 months ago

Beginners Guide: How To Take Care Of A Horse

Owning a horse is hard work! They require a lot…

11 months ago

Turn A Belt Into A Western Headstall Within Minutes

Belt headstalls have been receiving a lot of attention! These…

11 months ago

How To Lunge Your Horse The Correct Way

Many riders choose to lunge their horse as a form…

12 months ago

How To Hold The Reins When Riding Western Style

Learning to hold the reins correctly is one of the…

1 year ago

Make Your Horse A Custom Rope Halter

A rope halter can be used in groundwork and under…

1 year ago

How To Bathe Your Horse Properly

Bring out the buckets and's bath time! In the…

1 year ago

How To Draw A Horse Step By Step

Riding horses brings out the artist in everyone! I fondly…