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Sleazy Sleepwear Tie Tail Bag, $10.95, SmartPak……

Both casual and competitive riders choose to use tail bags for a number of reasons. They keep the horse’s tail protected! In muddy fall and winter months, your horse’s tail may drag or get rolled in dirt and muck. It’s best to shield it. Furthermore, when you take off the lycra or cotton bag, you’ll have a clean and beautiful tail.

Top Benefits of Tail Bags

  • Eliminates breakage
  • Keeps mud, manure and urine off
  • Promotes growth
  • Makes the tail more manageable and knot-free

If you’re sold on the idea, then it’s important to learn how to correctly put one on your horse. Watch the helpful tutorial below:

Your horse will be one step closer to having a beautiful and lush tail like these hairy horses!