tail bag cowgirl magazine
Photo by: Country Acres Wild Rags……

Depending on where you call home, the weather is wet and mucky. Between melting snow and rainy days, your horse’s tail is probably collecting quite a bit of mud. If you want to protect it from the elements, then a tail bag is just what you need! Tie it up and keep that lush hair off the ground.

Tribal, $8.99, CountryAcresWildRags

A colorful choice for those that like to stand out. This mesmerizing pattern will look great on just about any horse!

Yellowstone, $38.00, SazzyTailz

This set of matching tail and mane bags is for those Yellowstone fans! You can find this print on the popular TV series.

Peachy Desert Cactus, $15.00, Butt Bagz

Hey cactus lovers, you’ll want to get your hands on this one! It’s soft, stretchy, and slightly textured.

Sunflowers & Steer Skulls, $10.00, simplytailsbyrachael

Simply gorgeous! Your Western horse will look so cute in this fun print.

Boho, $14.00, TipTheTails

For those bohemian princesses, this tail bag is too chic!

Your horse’s tail will not only be protected, but they’ll look super cute too!