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Corb Lund and Chris LeDoux have warned of the tribulations of riding horses. “You ain’t a cowboy if you ain’t been bucked off…” and “And cowboy even though your riding tall… your riding for a fall” are lyrics that come to mind.

When riding horses, falls happen. It, unfortunately, comes with the territory. When they do occur, the most important factor is to take care of yourself!

Get Checked Out

After a fall, it is important to make sure you’re okay! Sometimes shock can mask injuries without you realizing it. Your health is priority number one!

Some TLC

Give yourself some time off. Stay on top of ice packs, baths with Epsom salt, and pain medicine (as recommended by your doctor). Taking care of your body now will help you in the long run. Look on the positive- you can catch up on your favorite show!

Build Your Confidence Back

It is completely natural to have your confidence shaken after a fall. Groundwork, working with a trainer, riding with friends, or just taking a couple of days off can all help with gaining that trust back. Just take it slow, it will come back with time!

Be careful and take care of yourselves, cowgirls!