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Tanya Tucker for Double D Ranch is one of the most iconic matchups of the past few years. From her Double D looks at the 2019 Grammy Awards to her shoot in their 2020 Bakersfield Collection, Tanya T. X Double D is plain magic.

We asked Double D Ranch about working with Tanya, how the partnership came to be…and got some information from Tanya Tucker herself.

COWGIRL: What is Double D Ranch’s history with Tanya Tucker?

Double D Ranch: We’ve been fans of Tanya Tucker for a long time, and she’s been a fan of our clothes for a long time, and last summer, our worlds kind of came together. She was driving through Texas, and she called us to arrange a visit to the outlet – what we all call The Mothership – in Yoakum. You can imagine how funny a giant tour bus looked rolling through a tiny town, but she and a few of her crew came in and spent the afternoon shopping and singing a little, and we may have shot some of her Cosa Salvaje Tequila with her. We’ve had a great relationship with her ever since. 

Tanya Tucker: I’ve been a longtime customer! I’ve been an online shopper for years, but I’m Texan at heart, so whenever the bus is rolling through Houston, San Antonio or in between, we try to swing by the showroom in Yoakum.  I’m always fascinated by the collections each season. Cheryl McMullen and her team of designers are true artisans and artists.

CG: How did shooting with Tanya for the Bakersfield Collection come about?

DDR: The Bakersfield collection is kind of an ode to honky tonk. It has a lot of color and a lot of sass. Tanya has a lot of that in her, that outlaw attitude, so the bright colors and fringe and rhinestones really suit her style. And since we already had a rapport with her, we thought it couldn’t hurt to ask if she’d be willing to do it. She graciously accepted, and it turned out even better than we imagined.

TT: I really like to have some sparkle and statement pieces in my wardrobe. Double D has so many pieces that pop whether I’m on stage and just going out for dinner.

CG: Did she have a favorite piece from the collection or a favorite look from the shoot?

DDR: Tanya never outright declared a favorite, but the Walkin’ After Midnight Top in hot pink was one she instantly gravitated toward, and the signature biker jacket from the collection, the Bakersfield Jacket, in turquoise looked like it just belonged on her. She rocked it. 

CG: Where did the shoot take place, and who was the photographer?

DDR: Our photographer is Mitchell Franz, who has shot most of our most recent collections, including Midnight Cowboy and Willie’s Picnic

We photographed this portion of the catalog in Tennessee, partially at Tanya’s ranch in Franklin, which was the original plan, and then on a whim, she suggested we load up and go get some nighttime shots on Broadway in Nashville. So we did. This was in January, back before everything shut down and the street was still hustlin’ and bustlin’, and we pulled up and parked that big old tour bus right outside of Ernest Tubb Record Shop and had an impromptu photo shoot. It was memorable, to say the least.

CG: What can you tell us about the future of Tanya Tucker for Double D Ranch?

DDR: Well, we can’t speak for Tanya, and it’s hard to say what the future looks like for anyone right now, but our relationship with Tanya is a great one; we’re in contact with her and her team on a weekly, if not daily, basis. When things start to open back up and appearances and performances resume, you’ll likely see her in more Double D. We’ve got a collection coming out this fall, Nashville, that we think she’ll really connect with, so we’re excited to dress her in that.

TT: I love statement pieces and spontaneity. I could spend all day picking out Double D Ranch pieces and styling them with their incredible jackets, vests, and pants. Each item is truly a work of art, from the studs, beading and beautiful craftsmanship in the turquoise belts and jewelry. That’s what fun about building my performance outfits and everyday wear – every piece can be mixed and matched for comfort or glam!

CG: Anything else you’d like to share about Double D and Tanya Tucker?

DDR: What can we say? Tanya Tucker is a legend, an icon, and she made perhaps one of the biggest ‘comebacks’ in country music history last year with her album, While I’m Livin’. To release an album after 17 years and have it met with such acclaim – and win you your first two Grammy Awards ever – it’s incredible and inspiring. For Double D Ranch to be along for that ride, dressing her for the ceremonies and designing the custom suit she wore on stage during her performance of “Bring My Flowers Now” was nothing short of humbling and surreal. We’re proud of her, we’re proud to know her, we’re proud to dress her.

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