taryn papa changed lyric video
Photo by Sara Kiesling.……

Taryn Papa‘s new single “Changed” mirrors her own relationship, and the lyric video is just as heartwarming! Using clips she filmed herself, the video highlights Taryn’s journey with her now-fiancé as they navigate their long distance relationship. You’re going to feel like you’re right there with them!

Taryn met her fiancé at a private event she had about a year ago. Because of their long distance relationship, they alternate months of who’s going to visit who. She was onstage during a performance when she got a surprise selfie from him in front of her apartment door that said “I think I’m lost.”

“I open my apartment door and it was lined with candles. Rose petals are everywhere, he’s standing in the window, the snow is coming down, it’s like a Hallmark movie. It was so romantic.” Funny enough, in the shock of the moment, she was more concerned about all her moved furniture!

“‘Changed’ is about allowing yourself to be moved by something you wouldn’t expect,” she explains. “Living in the moment and following your heart. I’m two different people than I was before. It’s such an amazing feeling to open yourself up to new opportunities and surprise yourself. You can feel change with anything in your life. Just embrace it and love it!”

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