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Cowgirl Hotlist

Oh Tasha, you never fail to impress! Even during this smoldering summer heat, I’m still daydreaming about cozy cardis and maxi skirts and it all started when I caught a peek at the Tasha Polizzi fall collection. For the love of mountain mama goodness, this collection makes me want to pack my bag and head to a cabin in the mountains. However, no one would see how sweet my TP clothes were, so scratch that idea. 😉 The collection is full of deep reds, tans and minty turquoise which you really can’t go wrong with if you ask anyone in the south. The patterns and textures are southwestern and equestrian inspired. Simply put, these are the clothes cowgirls’ dreams are made of.  The collection recently left the warehouse to select retailers! EEEEK! So please check their site to find a retailer nearest you: http://www.tashapolizzi.com/store_locator.php   Barn Blanket Skirt   Settler Tunic   Tee Shirt Dress   Carriage Blanket Cardigan     Tribal Poncho   Sporting Vest