Photo courtesy of Vino Vaqueros……

Ranches such as Vino Vaqueros and Saddle Up Wine Tours located in California offer privately guided wine tasting and horseback riding tours. How about some amazing views for a wine taste?!

Riders and tasters at Vino Vaqueros are able to ride through their Estelle Vineyard and throughout the Round Up Valley Ranch.

These views coupled with robust wines on horseback, who wouldn’t want to check this off their summer bucket list?

Grab some cowgirls and escape the city for an unforgettable adventure!

Photo courtesy of Vino Vaqueros

Vino Vaqueros exchanges the ordinary tasting room for their shabby chic barn.

Hurry! The rolling foothills of California are bustling with summer color!

Also, check out the operation called “Saddle Up Wine Tours” in Temecula, California!

These operations offer a great idea for you to pack a saddle bag with your favorite bottle and hit the trails!

Photo courtesy of Vino Vaqueros.

You might even throw in some cheese and crackers for a hip charcuterie board.

Photo courtesy of Vino Vaqueros

What are you waiting for?!