Are horses your life line?……

Nowadays, tattoos are very popular! More and more people are interested in expressing themselves through body art. Horse lovers and equestrians are no different. There are plenty of riders that choose to display horses on various parts of their body. This permanent ink is a demonstration of their passion and love for horses.

While tattoos are not right for everyone, they’re definitely a good option for some! Many people feel more confident with their new ink. Others use tattoos as a way to create their own identity. Whatever your reasoning, make sure to give it some careful consideration. In the meantime, check out these horse-friendly tattoos for some inspiration!

Simple and dainty, a horseshoe may bring you some luck!
A fond memory of a girl and her horse.
Watercolor tattoos are beautiful! This one has a magical feel to it.
Try to select something that has a special meaning to you.
Nothing cooler than wild horses galloping on your arm!

Once you decide a horse tattoo is right for you, make sure to research all of the different types. Some choose a small and simple one, while others want an elaborate piece. Will you stick with black ink or add color? So many options!

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