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From Kevin Costner to Sam Elliott to Helen Mirren, Taylor Sheridan has had no trouble catching the eye of some pretty unbelievable talent in the Yellowstone universe. And in an interview with Deadline, he admitted that it was as simple as a phone call and an invitation.

“It was great,” he explained of casting both Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford in his newest creation, 1923. “But for me, at this point, I love to go find new [talent] and I think that I found some here.”

The real reason for casting big stars, according to Sheridan, is to “anchor” the show. By having a few big names on the cast list, you’re guaranteed an audience from the start. “The challenge for a network is they got to go launch these things,” he continued. “That costs hundreds of millions of dollars. They need as many bankable names, recognizable faces that an audience would say, ‘Oh I love that guy. I love her. I’ll watch them.’”

While it’s exciting welcoming new stars into the industry, Sheridan can’t deny that working with some of the industry’s biggest talent is an incredible privilege, and enjoys surprising his fans with an unexpected cameo from a megastar.

“But it’s challenging to sit there and create this. I’m not trying to make a Love Boat,” he explained. “I do love to find these great actors that I don’t tell anybody that they’re in and they just surprise you. I love those Easter eggs, for lack of a better term. And selfishly to get a chance to work with Tom Hanks and some of the other people, what’s better?”

Getting Harrison Ford was a huge addition to the Yellowstone universe. As Sheridan teased, however, fans haven’t seen anything yet. “Wait until you see some of the people I pulled in for this one,” he hinted. “It’s a great opportunity. It’s not a lot of risk or time commitment from them to come in and get a chance to play in a world that most people aren’t creating anymore.”

“When you can find anchors like Harrison and Helen, then it lets me go and discover the next generation of movie stars, which is my favorite thing to do,” he said. “Go find somebody no one has ever heard of, because our business doesn’t make stars anymore.”

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