Most trail riders come across a water crossing at least once on their trip. It could be a small puddle or creek, either way your horse needs to be confident going through it. No one wants to dismount or turn around because their horse refuses to move forward. With training, your horse can cross water confidently though!

Training Tips for Crossing Water

Clinton Anderson offers valuable advice on how to get over a water obstacle. He starts with a small puddle and increases the size and complexity of the situation as the horse’s confidence grows.

First, don’t force the horse into the puddle. Go around and around it! Put your horse’s feet to work. You can bend them and soften them in the bridle. At some point, your horse may put a foot into the puddle by mistake. They’ll realize it’s not going to hurt them. And eventually, they won’t even notice the water.

Watch Clinton put this training into practice.

Before you know it, your horse will be crossing creeks and puddles like a pro!