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Last week, we talked about the cutest clothes for your cowkids from Buckaroo Baby Co. Well, they just did a collab with the western artist, Teal Blake!

Teal Blake was the artist behind the designs. He is known for his portrayal of the west through watercolor and other mediums and his children’s book, “J is for Jackelope.” “J is for Jackelope” follows the adventure of Samuel CB as he hopes to find the fabled jackalope.

It was released on Friday the 13th, but no bad luck here!

There are three styles included in the release: Samuel CB, Huxford Hereford, and Rabbit Roper.

Samuel CB

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Huxford Hereford

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Rabbit Roper

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Aside from the clothes, they have pillowcases, crib sheets, blankets, and even a woman’s gown for ranch mamas!

Shop the new collection here!