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Tops, Toddler Clothes, And Toys From Teel

Kaitlyn Teel has launched a boutique full of cute finds for you and your little one!

February 26, 2019

Kaitlin Teel, founder of Shop Teel has combine her love for shopping with a new career!

Kaitlin Teel, wife of PBR bull rider Cody Teel has launched her own boutique, Shop Teel, full of cute women’s clothes, toddler and baby outfits, and even toys for the littles. She has combined her passion for online shopping with her efforts in launching a new career. Each item is carefully curated by the busy mom to make sure they are inspired by the outfits she and her sweet baby girl wear everyday.

We love this flirty floral dress!

There is just something about a baby in a bow that makes you smile!

We are green with envy over this top!

This sweater makes a fun fashion statement.

Want more fashion? You’ll love these shoes!

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