Photo by Jamalee Klassen, Timberline Photography.……

Being a teenage girl isn’t easy…horses help though! There’s something special about the bond between a girl and her horse. It’s no mystery though that horses are hard work and expensive. You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons to ownership, but it’s definitely something to consider.

1. Responsibility: There’s no sleeping in late when you have a hungry horse in the barn. Even if you board, you still have the task of grooming, riding, and making sure your horse is well taken care of. Every teenager could benefit from learning to take care of an animal that depends on them.

2. Dealing with Challenges: Things don’t always go the way they’re suppose to, but it’s how you handle conflict that shows the kind of person you are. Would you stay up all night with your horse suffering from colic? Would you keep riding the horse that everyone says is too difficult? Working through challenges makes you stronger.

3. Earning Money: Horses are expensive. Teenagers can get creative in making money around the house, barn, or neighborhood. They can even get a part-time job to support their passion.

4. Patience: All horses have a mind of their own and sometimes that means they don’t do what we want. Patience is a great lesson to learn in the barn and out in the world.

5. Competition: Showing can be a great way to motivate a teen. In life, there will always be someone better and worse than you. How do you handle losing? What about winning? Do you have the courage to give it your all?

6. Staying Out of Trouble: High school can be filled with peer pressure! Most girls would rather be with their horse than shopping at the mall or partying.

7. Friendships: I’m not just talking about the bond you have with your horse, but also the people you meet at the barn. It’s so easy to make friends when you have horses in common.

8. Physically Active: Anyone that has ridden, groomed a horse, or cleaned stalls knows the work involved. It’s a great way to get outdoors and stay fit.

9. Emotional Support: Between exams and high school drama, teenage girls can really benefit from how relaxing barn life can be. Many say it’s free therapy.

10. Future Career: Horses may open the doors to becoming a barn manager, farrier, veterinarian, groom, professional rider, writer, marketing assistant, sales associate, and many other positions.

Owning a horse is such a special gift. It can really change a child’s life!