What if you could gather up all the family heirlooms you have and turn them into a piece of jewelry? Hell yeah! Sign us up! But, you may need the nitty-gritty first. Say your grandmothers beautiful china and your grandfathers pocketknife are just sitting on a shelf, but you’d like to do something special with them. Put the materials in the capable hands of the designers at Western Vintage Revival and you will end up with one stunning “Story necklace.” The combination of crafts is what makes them so distinctive. From silver smithing to china and potter work, each piece is literally wearable art! The quality and uniqueness is unmatched, but what makes their work even more special? The jewelry is so beautiful and on trend a teenager would wear it and it’s so genuinely special, that a grandmother would love it just as much.

Digging up the old and building the new is the concept behind the designers at  W.V.R.  Dream up your own creations with the special antiques you have collected over the years, or allow the experts to take over and dream for you!

Visit their Facebook page and website to order and see more beautiful designs like these!