tellington touch

For more than fifty years, world-renowned equine expert Linda Tellington-Jones has been working with both horses and handlers to solve training and behavioral problems in a unique way.  Using a procedure called the Tellington-Touch Equine Awareness Method, Tellington can calm an unruly horse as well as relieve any pain and tension that would interfere with their overall performance. 

In Tellington-Jones book Training and Retraining Horses, she describes her successful techniques for readers who want to alleviate stress and promote healing in their animals.  The Tellington Touch (TTouch for short) is a series of movements—circles, slides and lifts—done with the hands over various parts of the horse’s body.  Combined with under-saddle exercises, handlers can use the TTouch to provide the necessary foundation to raise a well-disciplined, reliable horse. 

The detailed chapters in Training and Retraining Horses include information on the proper tools of the trade such as fitted flat halters, leads, and wands.  Tellington-Jones explains the various “touches” and their purposes, from the Basic TTouch Circle, used to relive soreness and tension, to the Lying Leopard TTouch which calms and relaxes the animal.  In addition to the recipes for ensuring the horse a lifetime of success in the company of humans, the author weaves in stories of specific horses that have benefitted from her innovative training method.  Riders and trainers of all disciplines and skill levels will benefit from Training and Retraining Horses the Tellington Way.