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Here are a few ideas to stuff in your cowboys stockings or wrap up under the tree this year.

1.) Get your cowboy a gift certificate at his favorite bit maker. If you want a physical iteam to wrap, you can never go wrong with a Kerry Kelley bit or spurs. This idea is great for anyone that spends excessive time in the saddle.

2.) If you have a roper in your life, buy a rope bag and fill it up. This is always a fun one and a big hit. Make sure you get all of their preferred head and heel ropes together to maximize satisfaction. Or if you have a calf roper, get a rope can and do the same thing!

3.) After the holidays, every cowboy is going to need a new belt to hold his pants up. Go ahead and get him a belt to sport all his hardware with. You can get a pretty fancy one at Joey Jemison Custom Leather. You can never have too many belts to put buckles on.

4.) You can never go wrong with purchasing a pair of leggings for a cowboy. Once again, it might be a good idea to get this as a gift card. But leggings are a fun gift that last for awhile, and full of use. You can get a nice pair of work leggings or show leggings for your man, it just depends what they’re into.

5.) You can never go wrong with putting some more blue jeans in the pile. Go look in their closet and find their most common pair (or pick the ones you like the best on them) and check the tag for brand and sizing.

6.) You can never go wrong with buy a pair of boots for a cowboy. Make sure to get the right size and wrap them up and throw them under the tree this season. No one can ever have too many boots!

7.) Stuff the stockings with gloves! Laced or fleece lined, gloves are always a win for your hard working cowboy. From fixing fence to cold winter days, you know they will get used at the ranch.

8.) Don’t forget the leather! Headstalls and/or reins are always a good idea. You can get a headstall or grab a few and gift them. Reins are always a hit, especially if they are double stitched. Maybe you have someone who loves to rope? Get some nice rope reins for the arena!

9.) Protect the ponies! Don’t forget to throw some bell boots/splint boots under the tree this year. This is another fun using gift for the arena.

10) Top it off, you can never go wrong by ordering a gift card for a custom hat. You never know what color, style, or shape your cowboy may want. Getting a custom hat is way better than any box bought hat. Reach out to the team at JW Brooks in order to get the perfect hat for your guy.