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Does anyone remember these bad boys from back in the day? This is not a joke, these really did exist! Part cowboy boot and part tennis shoe gives you the Teny Lama by Tony Lama! Check out this article from the Washington Post written by Susan Brady in 1984.

“What’s the newest trend in boots? Tony Lama, the Texas-based company that makes boots for Ronald Reagan, has combined a cowboy boot with a tennis shoe. They call it the Teny Lama. Louis Lama, president of the company and designer of the new boot, explained its conception. “My salesman came back from Dallas complaining that everyone was wearing tennis shoes these days. We decided to westernize the tennis shoe.” Collaborating with Ignacio Garcia, art director for Admar Inc. (the boot company’s advertising agency), the Teny Lama was born.

“When the Teny Lama was first introduced, the response was “loud and long laughter,” Gloria Gibson, creative director for Admar, explained, until someone actually tried them on and discovered how comfortable they are. When Bob Eubanks, game show host and rodeo fan, wore them on television, the orders started pouring in. Now, the word is that people who are on their feet all day swear by the boots; models wear them while carrying their heels, and truckers love them for long hauls. The tennis shoe not only looks the part, but is actually as comfortable as the real thing, while the leather boot provides great support.

“Who’s wearing them? A.J. Foyt, the race car driver, outfitted himself and his whole crew in Teny Lamas. Willie Nelson’s band recently stopped in to be fitted. And Redskin running back John Riggins saw a picture of them last week and ordered a pair right away.” -Susan Brady, Washington Post, 1984.

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