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The Teton Ridge Foundation, the philanthropic wing of the emerging brand, Teton Ridge, is perpetuating the legacy of western performance sports by supporting youth barrel racers and encouraging their involvement with Sherry Cervi Youth Championships.

Visionary entrepreneur Thomas Tull formed Teton Ridge to promote and preserve America’s iconic western culture and heritage by investing in western performance sports, athletes, events, breeding, and land conservation.

The foundation’s commitment to the Sherry Cervi Youth Championships will not only support the organization’s goal to increase participation in the sport of barrel racing but provide scholarships for higher education.

Sherry Cervi Youth Championships was founded in 2008 by legendary barrel racer Sherry Cervi. The Championships consist of three races throughout Arizona, Minnesota, and California.

“I started the Sherry Cervi Youth Championships to support the next generation of future champions and to give back to the industry that has given me so much,” said Cervi. “The Teton Ridge Foundation shares the same passion for our youth and the western lifestyle. I am honored and very grateful for their generosity and support of both the races and the scholarship program.”

Sherry Cervi Youth Championships offers education scholarships to graduating high school seniors. The awardee amounts range from $500 to $5,000 and may be used at the college, university, or trade school of the student’s choice.

“We are grateful to be able to transform the lives of young barrel racers by helping Sherry Cervi Youth Championships provide youth a pathway to pursue higher education, participate in a western sport and experience competition,” said John Sanislow, operations manager of Teton Ridge. “Sherry is a role model and mentor for western athletes of all ages.”

This year’s application period opens on October 1 to individuals who competed as a senior in at least one championship event within 2020 or 2021. Applicants will be awarded in January of 2022.

The next Sherry Cervi Youth Championships event takes place on October 1-3 in Verndale, MN.

(Press release courtesy of Sherry Cervi Youth Championships.)