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Photo courtesy of koewetzelmusic.com.

What started out as a few different musicians with a slightly different sound has turned into a full-fledged musical movement, and Koe Wetzel is front and center. Most of the band is from East Texas, but they’ve found popularity in the college town of Stephenville, home to Tarleton State University.

Koe Wetzel has gained a following and packed the venues of the “best kept secret in Texas” all thanks to their unique brand of Texas Rock n’ Roll and musical genius to tell it like it is. The band has drawn inspiration, experience, and memories from the same town, as well as pulled from their hometowns in the piney woods of East Texas.

Their popularity has spread like wildfire all across Texas. They’ve sold out one show after another with one of their biggest to date being the Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival just outside of Stephenville.

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