Photo courtesy of Aaron Watson.

An essential part of every cowgirl’s playlist should be made up of Texas Red Dirt songs! If you’re just getting into the country music scene and are unfamiliar with Texas Red Dirt music, there’s no need to worry; this guide will cover a handful of the important Texas country artists that you should know about.

1) Randy Rogers Band:

Randy Rogers has scored some big hits in the country music scene, including songs such as Buy Myself a Chance, Interstate, and In My Arms Instead.

Interstate  – Randy Rogers Band.

Video courtesy of Randy Rogers Band Vevo.

2) Josh Abbott Band:

Josh Abbott Band is well known for their hits about living the authentic, small town country lifestyle.

I’ll Sing About Mine – Josh Abbott Band.

Video courtesy of Josh Abbott Band YouTube.

3) Wade Bowen:

Wade Bowen has made his name well known on the Texas Red Dirt scene since parting ways with his old band in 2001.

West Texas Rain – Wade Bowen.

Video courtesy of Wade Bowen Topic YouTube.

4) Casey Donahew Band:

Casey Donahew Band first garnered attention back in the early 2000s. Since then, the band has only grown more popular!

Stockyards – Casey Donahew Band.

Video courtesy of Casey Donahew Band Topic YouTube.

5) Kevin Fowler:

It’s nearly impossible to not appreciate Kevin Fowler and his great sense of humor, showcased through his twangy songs.

Girl in a Truck – Kevin Fowler.

Video courtesy of Kevin Fowler Band YouTube.

6) Aaron Watson:

I will let you in on a little insight… Aaron Watson is one of my favorite country singers of all time! I highly recommend listening to all of his albums; he doesn’t have a bad song!

Big Love in a Small Town – Aaron Watson.

Video courtesy of Aaron Watson YouTube.

7) Sunny Sweeney:

Sunny Sweeney has packed a punch on the Texas Red Dirt scene with her powerful voice and gutsy lyrics.

From A Table Away – Sunny Sweeney.

Video courtesy of Sunny Sweeney Vevo.

8) Cody Johnson:

This talented musician has claimed fame far outside of Texas borders. A lot of cowboys and cowgirls respect Cody Johnson for his music that accurately depicts the cowboy way of life.

Wild As You – Cody Johnson.

Video courtesy of Paste Magazine YouTube.