This holiday season take a moment to thank your horse for all that they’ve done for you. Through the highs and lows, their love is constant. Horses are our teachers, students, friends, and supporters. The shoulder you need to cry on and the comic relief you need on a stressful day.

It’s easy to thank them with just a little effort!

Ways to Thank Your Horse

1. Scratch their favorite spot

2. Give them some treats

3. Schedule a massage

4. Hand graze them for a few minutes

5. Hang out with them in their stall/field

6. Spice up your ride by going somewhere new

7. Hang a toy in their stall

8. Give them some extra hay

9. Try a long grooming session

10. Schedule regular vet, farrier, and dentist appointments

11. Make sure they have a friend or companion

12. Have a saddle fitter check your equipment

13. Let them bob for apples

14. Try an enrichment activity

15. Consider equine acupuncture

16. Learn how your horse communicates and listen

17. Chop up some carrots for their feed

18. Feed high-quality food

19. Give them a day or two off each week

20. Embrace them with a bear hug

Thanking your horse can be as simple as giving them a treat, but it could also be keeping them healthy and happy through quality care.

Share your favorite ways to show your horse love!