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It takes a whole network to properly care for your horse- vets, farriers, grooms, barn managers, etc… A special occasion isn’t necessary to thank them. In fact, a thoughtful card can be given any time of the year. It’ll show them some appreciation and let them know how important they truly are! This kind gesture could brighten their whole week.

Thank You Cards

Do you board at the best barn ever? Let the barn owner know how wonderful of a job they do with this fun card.

Best Barn Ever, $5.95, Hunt Seat Paper Co.

You don’t have to wait for Christmas or birthdays to tell someone thank you for their services or support. If you appreciate your farrier, then let them know!

Best Farrier Ever, $5.95, Hunt Seat Paper Co.

It’s no mystery that your equine veterinarian puts in long, hard hours. A special thank you card can make all the difference!

Best Vet Ever, $5.95, Hunt Seat Paper Co.

When you don’t have the expertise or time to braid your horse’s mane or clip their body, then you rely on a groom.

Best Groom Ever, $5.95, Hunt Seat Paper Co.

Kindness and appreciation can really make a person feel special!