The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company.……

Phillip and Kelly Eggers had just put the finishing touches on their custom barndominium in Pilot Point, Texas. A combination of a barn and a condominium, the structure was highlighted by 16-foot vaulted ceilings, rustic furniture, modern conveniences, and priceless treasures from Kelly’s family farm. It was more than a home. It was a sanctuary.

It was also hot. Real hot.

“It was impossible to cool the hot air trapped in the vault. At floor level where the horses were, the temperature was 70 degrees. But where we were, it was over 100 degrees,” Kelly said. “We added more air conditioning, but it didn’t help much. Our friends suggested ceiling fans, but I couldn’t find any that I liked.”

At her wits’ end, Kelly went for a walk to clear her head. That’s when she spotted their farm-style windmill overlooking the property. Not only did it represent farm living, but unlike a traditional fan, the blades were stronger, and there were more of them. If Phillip could make an aluminum version lightweight enough to attach to any ceiling, surely it would drive the air down where the standard AC could then cool it.

Kelly’s idea was perfect — for them and for anyone who had the same problem. The Original Windmill Ceiling Fan Company is family-owned and operated and is the only windmill ceiling fan company that provides custom finishes that are handcrafted and American made. With 18 blades, an efficient motor, and sizing options, customers can design a one-of-a-kind windmill fan perfect for their space.

These fans can match any style, whether you enjoy rustic, farmhouse, or contemporary. They are also the perfect addition to a home, wedding venue, and even businesses. Simply, it’s the best ceiling fan you will ever own. 

“I’m so proud that we created a product that solves an issue for anyone who values the traditions of farm life as much as we do,” Kelly said. “Ask our customers. We would love to help you come home to one of our unique, beautiful, functional windmill ceiling fans.”