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“With a population of just under 300 people, today’s guest comes from one of the most remote places in the lower 48. Located in a town named after Michael Jordan the 19th century gold prospector (not the basketball star), the small southeastern Oregon town of Jordan Valley is known for their Big Loop rodeo, big ranches, and the amazing artistry of Catie Kershner of Kershner Custom Silver. Catie now lives in Nyssa, Oregon, and for the past two years she has been building her own little homestead home but still calls her hometown roots in Jordan Valley where her family ranch is.

“When the pandemic first hit, food started becoming harder and harder to buy, lack of supplies in groceries, many farms and ranches started selling direct to consumers. Catie’s side hustle is a luxury item and joining her fellow makers community, they didn’t know what it was going to look like.

““It’s still something I am seeing – that people are turning closer to home and supporting small businesses more than ever,” says Catie. “I had a stupid-crazy year, I hit my year goal long before the end of the year. I couldn’t believe that I hit it with all that we were going through, what people were dealing with with their home life, and people being out of work. It’s definitely been a little crazy and not what I expected it too. But that’s to be said whether you are in a pandemic or not. If you hustle and drive towards something that ou really have a passion for” you’ll get there.

“People want to know who you are as a regular person – not just what you do. Catie is a silversmith but her followers love hearing about her chicken problem and her impulse KuneKune pig. They want you to be someone that they can be friends and then they want to support you. “I am just an animal hoarding person with too many animals and too many side projects,” say Catie with a laugh. But because of the support of those that buy from Kershner Custom Silver, she’s been able to purchase her home, remodel her shop and that’s something she couldn’t have done on one job.”

“I have big goals for myself and they don’t get met if I don’t work hard,” says Catie.

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