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Janzen Tew first joined the podcast in Season 2 on Episode 51 where we chatted all about her company, Denim & Velvet Marketing. To be able to have her jump back onto the show for a multitude of big announcements, not just for her and her business, but also for the western fashion industry as a whole, was big time! There’s no surprise that Janzen was a part of the inaugural class of COWGIRL Magazine’s 30 Under 30 program and we can’t wait to showcase what she’s been up to in this collaboration series episode!

“‘I am a boss but I’m not ‘a boss.’ I don’t enjoy that side of the business so we navigated [the [pandemic] together,’ says Janzen. Working through it step-by-step, they first stayed home from the office while they watched what the rest of the world was doing. Realizing that if they were smart and healthy about it, they could work together as a team in the office. The healthy creative part of that was a major push for them so that no one felt they were isolated or left at home with no one to see.

“Keeping high energy and fun in the office really helps them to assist their clients. Janzen even jokes that most of the energy probably comes from her and that the ladies in the office have to tell her to leave them alone so they can do their jobs. ‘I am a firm believer in trying to see fun trends that are happening in the industry that we can utilize … I also try to look outside the industry as well for ideas.'”

Listen to Janzen’s episode here!

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