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Some of the best breakaway ropers, team ropers, and barrel racers took over Cowtown Coliseum in the Fort Worth Stockyards last weekend for the 2022 Cowgirl Gathering.

It’s her heart and soul that makes a cowgirl who she is—determined and fierce and ready to take on the world—and we’re excited to share the champions of each event from this year’s celebration of the American Cowgirl!

Charlie 1 Horse Team Roping

Open – Sarah Angelone & Jessy Remsburg
Split $10,130 with a time of 30.74 on 4 head.

#9.5 – Kyleigh Graham & Danielle Roper
Split $12,590 with a time of 24.69 on 3 head.

Valley Vet Supply Breakaway Roping

Open – Martha Angelone
Time of 6.84 on 3 head. Took home $8,250 after winning the first go, placing in the short-go, and winning the average.

Challenger – Kodi Armitage
Time of 8.14 on 3 head. Took home $3,870 after winning the short-go and average.

Platinum Performance Barrel Racing

Best In The West 2D

  • 1D – Emily Beisel on Namgis D 33 with a time of 13.233 took home $3,334.
  • 2D – Ashley Crow on Willie B Firewater with a time of 13.749 took home $2,223.

Open 5D

  • 1D – Kassie Mowry on CP He Will Be Epic with a time of 13.086 took home $8,139.
  • 2D – Angie Hammock on Krimps Sugar King with a time of 13.586 took home $6,166.
  • 3D – Laine Whitmire on Bullseye Bullion with a time of 14.088 took home $4,686.
  • 4D – Cheyenne Johnson on Stitches Cool Skip with a time of 14.591 took home $3,453.
  • 5D – Madeleine Moll on Gearum Up Nick with a time of 15.089 took home $2,220.

4D PBRIP Sidepot

  • 1D – Tanna McCornack on Oscar De La Bully with a time of 13.429 took home $962.
  • 2D – Nikki Burns on Ima Famous Gambler with a time of 13.934 took home $769.
  • 3D – Carly Peercy on Baysha Mac Casha with a time of 14.446 took home $577.
  • 4D – Bridget Britton on Tobicat Jazz with a time of 14.965 took home $440.

5D AQHA Incentive Sidepot

  • 1D – Emily Beisel on Namgis D 33 with a time of 13.233 took home $1,164.
  • 2D – Stephanie Fryar on Special Bid Of Frost with a time of 13.749 took home $794.
  • 3D – Brittany Pierson on Guyko with a time of 14.239 took home $670.
  • 4D – Chelsi Cottle on Honey Sunni Angel with a time of 14.749 took home $494.
  • 5D – Paige Curran on Wood Ubmy Barret with a time of 15.247 took home $318.

Congratulations, cowgirls!