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Kirbe Schnoor in Charlie 1 Horse.……

This year at RFD-TV’s The American, COWGIRL and Charlie 1 Horse decided to give away some hats! COWGIRL‘s The American Charlie 1 Horse Hat Giveaway had three fabulous winners walk away with hats at the rodeo on Sunday.

A red Bucksnort, a black bucksnort, a cream Chief, and a brown Highway with a beaded hat band went out to three cowgirls: Caylee, Paula, Chesney, and RFD-TV’s Kirbe Schnoor.


Special thanks to Charlie 1 Horse, RFD-TV, and The Cowboy Channel for making this giveaway possible.

Congrats to our The American Charlie 1 Horse Hat Giveaway winners! Ride and ranch in style with that fire brand.