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Teton Ridge created The American Performance Horseman to debut during the American Rodeo this spring.

“For the first time ever, the top five year-end money earning professionals in cutting, reined cow horse and reining will come together to compete for $1,000,000 in prize money in a competitive exhibition format,” writes the National Reined Cow Horse Association in a press release.

And the qualifiers have been announced!

National Reined Cow Horse Association

  1. Sarah Dawson
  2. Lee Deacon
  3. Justin Wright
  4. Chris Dawson
  5. Corey Cushing

National Cutting Horse Association

  1. Adan Banuelos
  2. Austin Shepard
  3. Lloyd Cox
  4. Wes Galyean
  5. Linda Thorn

National Reining Horse Association

  1. Shawn Flarida
  2. Casey Deary
  3. Fernando Salgado
  4. Andrea Fappani
  5. Matt Mills