In the heart of the Texas Panhandle, where legends roam and history runs deep, a new chapter has unfolded at the iconic 6666 Ranch. The ranch, known for its rich heritage and world-class American Quarter Horses, has just welcomed a remarkable addition to its storied lineage – the last filly born from the revered Tanquery Gin line, 22 year later!

The Four 6666 Ranch took to Facebook and stated, “More than two decades after Four Sixes Ranch Stallion, TANQUERY GIN’s last foal crop, a daughter of the great all-around cow horse sire was born”.

Photo Courtesy of 6666 Ranch Facebook

Born under the watchful eye of the 6666 Ranch’s skilled veterinarian team under the late Dr. Glenn Blodgett, this filly is a testament to the ranch’s dedication to preserving and advancing the qualities that have made the renowned sires descendants so exceptional.

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The birth of this filly marks the continuation of a legacy that spans generations. She carries within her the bloodlines of champions, a lineage known for its intelligence, athleticism, and versatility. From reining and cutting to rodeo events and working cattle, the horses from the Tanqueray Gin line have excelled in a wide range of disciplines, earning the respect of horse enthusiasts worldwide.

As the 6666 Ranch celebrates her arrival, it also reflects on the values that have guided it for over a century. Tradition and innovation go hand in hand at this historic ranch, where the past informs the future. The birth of each foal is a celebration of the ranch’s commitment to preserving the qualities that make its horses exceptional while embracing modern breeding techniques and scientific advancements. She is a testament to the enduring legacy of and the commitment of producing horses that will continue to make history in the world of ranching and horsemanship.