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Photo courtesy of @josietpereira on Instagram……

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Josie Pereira’s horsemanship is an art form of it’s own! This young cowgirl took home two beautiful Montana Silversmiths buckles from the Art of the Cowgirl.

Photo courtesy of @josietpereira on Instagram

“Josie roped great on fresh cattle for a 9.45 seconds on three head!”

Not only did the young lady snag the Breakaway Roping title in Bozeman, Montana, but also the All Around! And if that wan’t already special, this buckle was awarded in memory of Shari Gardner!

Photo courtesy of @josietpereira on Instagram

To say the least, Pereira is “one tough cowgirl!” She made many appearances this past week in the ranch rodeo arena. Her performance; however, goes far beyond the arena rails.

Photo courtesy of @josietpereira on Instagram

Despite the young cowgirl being a recent high school graduate, her wisdom as a rider is beyond her years. To say the least, Pereira has a natural way with horses.

Her horsemanship embodies nothing less than strength, grace, and beauty!

Pereira knows how to celebrate the Western lifestyle and express her form of art!

Photo courtesy of Josie Pereira on Facebook
Photo courtesy of Josie Pereira on Facebook

The California Cowgirl has mastered her craft! She recently showed in the reined cow horse event at the California High School Rodeo Finals.

“She became a champion for us as a competitor but also as a cowgirl, sister, and friend. Leading and championing efforts in the arena and outside the arena, motivating and inspiring others to do the same.”


Congratulations to this California cowgirl!