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During the course of the series, Yellowstone has really shed a light on Beth and Rip’s relationship. With Season 4 ending with their wedding (finally!) we can expect much more of our favorite couple coming next season. However, with all the great moments between these two, which is the fan-favorite? Between one-liners and inside jokes, stories that are told in the bunkhouse, telling people off, and getting into fights, it’s been a rollercoaster ride. But, hey, we’re not complaining!

Fans on Reddit were able to call upon a lot of different moments as their favorites. It turns out, there are dozens of moments that have left a mark on fans. With so much to choose from, it’s amazing that there was some consensus!

“The one at the rodeo where her dad says Rip can hold her damn hand. ‘Thank you daddy.’” the moment with the most upvotes read. That was one where you knew that these two were going to be very involved with one another for quite a long time.

“The one during the first dinner with Rip and Carter at the main house with John,” another user responded. “Rip calls Beth out for her childhood dinner table issues (which is hilarious) and he suggests they eat at that little table by the fireplace, to which Beth looked like she’d never seen it before. The dinnertime that ensues was golden.”

In the upcoming season, we’re going to get more Beth and Rip moments, and there’s promises to give us some younger versions of our favorite characters.

What’s YOUR favorite moment?! We’d love to hear it!