When you think of trailers in the world of equine sports, the first name that comes to mind is Bloomer. As the world’s leading manufacturer of custom and state-of-the-art horse trailers, the proof is shown time and time again in their loyal customer base.

World Champions from every discipline in the equine industry trust Bloomer Trailers to haul their companions, and also their livelihood. The reason these professionals trust Bloomer is because they know that the trailers are built with the highest level of technology and safety in order to protect their horses.

No other trailer company has spent more money on research and development than Bloomer Trailers and they continue to strive towards finding better and safer ways to transport horses. Since 1998, this company’s commitment has and always will be to use only the best components available anywhere. Bloomer realizes they aren’t simply building the best trailer available anywhere in the world, they are building a trailer that matches the way you live.

The man behind the curtain is Randy Bloomer. Mr. Bloomer started out on a trailer sales lot selling aluminum horse trailers. He had a very loyal customer base that ranged from the PRCA, AQHA, and many other associations. Many of Randy’s elite clients were in search of something new, different, and top of the line, which was very tough to find in a market that was so resistant to change at that point in time.

After much time in deep thought and a phone call to his wife Kim, Randy decided to strike it out on his own at just 33 years old. Talk about ambition! Randy immediately put together a wishlist of experts that he wanted on his team and began contacting them one by one. So, in the middle of a Houston Denny’s in the pouring down rain, Bloomer Trailers was born in 1997.

Though Mr. Bloomer bit off quite a big chunk, his thought was always, “If it was going to go big, it was going to do it the way I wanted to. If it was going to go bad, I was going to be proud of my effort.”

In talking to Randy, I could hear in his voice how he remembered every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears he put into this company as he looked back on how it all started.

“In 1998, we started getting everything together. It took us about six months to get it all lined out and then we debuted our first trailer at the NFR that year. Our industry is kind of small so I contacted my pro guys and they helped me put the word out. We went to the NFR that year with literally one trailer to show and we took over 20 orders. My concept was it’s not just a horse trailer. My people were wanting something more. I just knew that I wanted the best trailer on the market. If I had dealers, I didn’t want them to have to make any apologies for my product. I just made a vow right then that if I think something will enhance this trailer and it’s a better product, then that’s what’s going to be on this trailer and I’ve never wavered from that. Everything on these trailers is the best money can buy.”

Talking to Mr. Bloomer was a true eye-opener for me as a journalist, equine enthusiast, and young woman just beginning to build her career. To get to have a one-on-one conversation with the owner of a company, a man who has worked tirelessly to make it what it is on his own terms, and stay at it for so long, is refreshing and inspiring.

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