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Groundwork is essential to having a respectful horse. There are different exercises you can do with your horse to teach them various lessons. In the ‘come to me’ exercise, your horse is lunging on a circle around you. You ask them to come into the circle and greet you. This can be helpful in refining their skill set.

Come to Me Exercise

In this training video, Professional Clinician Kristin Hamacher works with an inexperienced colt in the teaching stage. Clinton Anderson supports this exercise, but comments not every Downunder Horsemanship member will be able to perform it. A lot of the steps require feeling and anticipating what the horse might do.

If you think this exercise might be helpful in your training session, then consider adding it. You’ll find a guide to it below.

In this video, you’ll notice that she doesn’t make her horse get too excited or nervous. There’s a careful balance of getting them to listen and keeping them calm.