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Lari Dee Guy’s live match roping got some major traction; this week, it will be hosted by The Cowboy Channel under the name Cowgirls in Quarantine Match Roping.

“Each day, we are going to host a new match roping in a new location,” says Lari Dee Guy. “We need to all step up our practices and keep ourselves competitive, so we’re doing so online for rodeo fans.”

Tuesday through Friday of this week, The Cowboy Channel will be hosting Cowgirls in Quarantine Match Roping live on their Facebook page starting at 1:00 PM CST.

All week, they’ve got some amazing ropers going head to head. Here’s the full schedule:

Tuesday, April 21st – Stephenville, Texas

Jackie Crawford, McKayla Boisjoli, and Kadence Crawford


JJ Hampton, Shelby Boisjoli, and Kelsie Chase

Wednesday, April 22nd – Iowa, Louisiana

Mia Manzanaras, Paige Abernathy, and Chloe Frey


Josie Conner, Bailey Mudd, and Kylie Conner

Thursday, April 23rd – Canyon, Texas

Sequin Brewer and Jade Kenney


Jordan Jo Fabrizio and Madalyn Richards

Friday, April 24th – Abilene, Texas

Hope Thompson and Jordi Edens


Lari Dee Guy and Madison Outhier


Cassidy Boggs and Bradi Good

Watch Cowgirls in Quarantine Match Roping on The Cowboy Channel’s Facebook page all week at 1:00 PM CST, and root for your favorite cowgirls!