If you sit in the stands at any college football game, it’s likely you’ll see a talented squad of dancers performing on the sidelines or on the field at half time. They’re usually decked out in school colors, sequins, and elaborate uniforms with pom poms in hand. And if you’re watching the right team, you might even see them sporting cowgirl boots! 

College pom squads including Oklahoma State University, Texas Christian University, and  Southern Methodist University have danced in cowgirl boots for years—giving a nod to their Oklahoma and Texas heritage and Western roots. Check out some of these one-of-a-kind boots and the well-known brands behind them. 

Oklahoma State University Pom

Made by Fenoglio Boot Company

TCU Showgirls

Made by Justin Boots


Made by City Boots

Texas Tech Pom Squad

Made by Lucchese Boots

Photo courtesy Oklahoma State Pom’s Instagram