From Annie Oakley’s legendary sharpshooting performances at Madison Square Garden, to Bertha (Kaepernik) Blancett’s gravity-defying bronc riding at Cheyenne Frontier Days, American Cowgirls have blazed a path for women of the West, cementing their influential and essential role in winning the West and carving out a life filled with the values central to Western culture. From ranches to rodeo arenas, from running businesses to families, modern-day cowgirls continue to thrive, living by the pillars of empowerment, individualism, and vigor.

The Cowgirl Gathering is a celebration in the heart of Fort Worth, designed to showcase spectacular, inspirational women from all walks of life who embody the spirit of the American Cowgirl. Whether you are a competitor or just want to experience the spark of that cowgirl essence, the Cowgirl Gathering is your event.

This weekend takeover of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards highlights cowgirls’ skills in breakaway roping, team roping, and barrel racing, while also showcasing exhilarating and engaging female speakers as well as Western fashion, art, and more.

It’s her heart and soul that makes a cowgirl who she is—determined and fierce and ready to take on the world—and we’re excited to showcase that spirit in the heart and soul of Cowtown this November.

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