Lately we have been seeing some serious gain in horse pricing nationwide. This stimulates the need for new inventive ways to sell horses online with ease. Well, Wesley Thorp, Shawn Grey, and Ashton Walden decided to put their time and efforts forward in producing Equine Exchange. Equine Exchange, is an app created to help ease the process of both selling, and buying horses in today’s modern market.

What sets Equine Exchange apart from other horse sale apps, and pages you may ask? Well the app works like a social media platform, you as a seller make an account. From there, you are able to “add a horse”, and create your sale horse’s “profile”. On that profile you can download photos, videos, papers, performance records, biography, etc.. You can then add in places where you and that horse will be viewed by the public, such as ropings, barrel races, and horse shows. For instance, you are in the market for a nice young head horse and show up at the Rope Horse Futurity. You could simply open the Equine Exchange app and look at all the horses that are for sale at the event. The horse’s profile also includes a way for interested buyers to get in contact with seller.

Let’s say you have purchased a few horses in the past from Fulton Quien Sabe Ranch and you love how those horses fit in your program. With the Equine Exchange app, you can follow the ranch and be notified every time they list a horse for sale.

Why use this app as a seller? It’s a quick, easy way to sell horses without paying a commission. Thats right, all you have to pay is for a monthly or annual subscription to the app. There are no fees for selling horses past that. It is also an easy way to make horse profiles and forward them to potential buyers.

Why use the app as a buyer? The app enables you to search through tons of horses and select the right horse for you and your program. You can view videos, data, and know where the horse will be showing, roping or running at next. Using the app helps you avoid auctions, and buy the horse for a set price.

Equine Exchange is a sponsor of the World Series of Team Roping, United States Team Roping Championship, and Natinal Team Roping League. If you’re heading south to Wickenburg this winter, they will also have a booth at Rancho Rio. You can also catch them at the World Series Finale in December.