Archive all your perfect tan, golden goddess goals without frying your skin in the damaging sun (or heaven forbid, a tanning bed)! Tan safely without the feared, streaky orange Cheeto skin, with a few of our fav fake baking products!

Liquid Gold Foam 

Bondi Sands

$18.29 on Amazon

The BEST Lightweight foam out there! We love this foam because it goes on smoothly and washes off streak-free in just a few hours. This product also provides flexibility in shade ranges, ensuring you get the perfect glow every time!

Natural Glow Firming In-shower Lotion


$9.99 on Amazon

Tanning in the shower?? Yep, you heard us right! Save time and reach an effortless and clean tan in no time! The best part? This tanner works as a firming moisturizer to keep your skin soft, moisturized, and golden bronze!

Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist

St. Tropez

$29.79 on Amazon

If you’re gonna fake bake, you better tan your face too! Face tanners need to be sensitive, effective, and most importantly, be able to outlast your day. This product is perfect for giving your face that sun-kissed, post-tropical vacay, glow!

Sunless Dry Oil Mist


$46.00 on Amazon

This dry oil tanner is a fan favorite for users looking to maintain a natural-looking, long-lasting glow. Best yet, this oil smells like a dreamy, tropical vacation, leaving your skin perfectly kissed by the scent of pina Coladas.

Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse

St. Tropez

$44.00 on Amazon

SOS you just got a last-minute invitation and are feeling ghostly pale. Don’t stress, this tanner has your back! Reach all your bronze goals in just a few hours with this express tanning mouse!

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