Texas blogger and home decor entrepreneur, Karissa better known as @thefergfarm on Instagram gives us our literal home decor and DIY goals. Her feed is filled with ideas and ways to make even our homes a dream come true by shopping her photos and sharing her style.

All Black Everything

The black wall trend is something we are HERE FOR, and even better a black fireplace that adds the element of warmth and moodiness. So if you’re ever feeling doubtful adding black to your home? Do. It.

Never Enough Duvets

All in one room. Karissa adds elements to her spaces that we would never have guessed. And who doesn’t love links to finds like these to recreate in our own home?!

Aztec Print and Cowhide: BFFs

Cowhide ottoman and cowhide wall decor, give us more! Along with this fabulous aztec rug, these color combinations sing to our soul all by allowing us to find similar ideas.

Never hate on Facebook Marketplace too, because you could find your most favorite piece.

Not only does The Ferg Farm link her creative finds, her rotating decor through her rooms is everything we could ever hope for. Now she’s not saying to buy the 15th throw pillow or the 4th rug for the living room, but she’s also saying it.

In conclusion, follow Karissa and her #cowgirlhome and feel less insane for your ever changing taste in western/boho decor, cause if she can do it, we can too!