Photo courtesy of Yellowstone.……

“All will be revealed,” according to the new teaser trailer for Yellowstone Season 5. Paramount has released the first official look at the new season, and it’s getting all of us excited for what’s to come for the Dutton drama!

The teaser features glimpses at all of the Duttons, plus Rip being his badass self, warning that “All Will Be Revealed.” We see Beth, Jamie, Kayce, and Rip, then John walking down a hallway flanked by Beth and former Governor Perry. The video also features a voiceover of John saying, “We’re going to show the world who we are, and what we do.” The whole video is accompanied by fittingly ominous music. Take a look at the teaser below!

We’ve been holding out for a look into Season 5 for a while now, picking up clues here and there, speculating on what could happen. Now, which this ominous message–“All Will Be Revealed”–are we thinking this could be the end of Yellowstone?!

Things have been gearing up to get powerful, violent, and extreme. Just how we like it!

What we do know for sure is Yellowstone is gaining a new cast member! Read all about the new addition here.