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Two Bay Horses Designs is named after Mackie and BH, two bay horses that have had a memorable impact on owner Megan Taylor’s life. Mackie, a registered APHA gelding, was the first horse that she owned. He was young and green, but he had a gigantic heart and a whole lot of try. “Mackie came into my life when I was sixteen years old. He heard all about the things teenagers are going through, boys, friendships, high school and growing pains.”  

Mackie and Megan.

“Mackie was so athletic that he over jumped everything by two feet for the first year.  Some days I was frustrated and exhausted by all of the focus it took to work with a young horse.  At the time, I had no idea that my compassion for what horses can give us was really forming.  Prior to Mackie, I wanted to focus on competing and trying to take my riding as far as I could possibly take it.  Mackie taught me that I could achieve all of those things while keeping in mind that none of it would be possible without the horse.”

BH (literally short for bay horse) was a registered AQHA gelding who arrived in Taylor’s life in 1996 and remained her constant companion for twenty-two years. Having a previous career as a barrel horse, BH was found in a sale barn in Tennessee as a young five year old.  Another bay horse with loads of athleticism, BH liked to over jump too.  This time, most of Taylor’s students got to experience this as he helped out in lessons in the college program where Taylor was the Director of Riding for sixteen years.  “I can’t remember a single time that BH did anything wrong.  He was amiable, kind and followed directions to the best of his ability at all times.”


“Over the twenty-two years that we were together, BH was by my side through some of my greatest moments and some of the lowest times in my life.  He showed me endless love. “

“BH was an instrumental part of the training program that I developed and use to this day.  I really credit him for so much of what I know and teach now.”

The leather and bead bracelet idea was a design that Taylor had in mind long before she knew what she would name it.  “I have always worn jewelry, whether I am at work or not.  I thought the leather and bead combination could be the perfect bracelet to be worn at the barn or out to dinner. ”  When it came time to name a design after Mackie and BH, the idea of using the same design, but making one wider than the other formed in Taylor’s mind.  Since Mackie was the wider version of the two bay horses, the Mackie is the leather bracelet that is typically around three inches wide and the BH is typically less than one inch in width.  

“Every time I sit down to design a new Mackie or BH, memories of my time with them come back.  This has truly been a wonderful way to keep them alive in my heart.”