The Legacy Ranch Horse Sale is a collaboration between three historic Arizona ranches – the K4 Ranch, Campwood Cattle Company, and Diamond A Ranch. The sale offers the public an opportunity to purchase horses carrying the brands of three legendary outfits that have between them over 300 years of history in producing quality horses and cattle. 

These are working cattle ranches, still run in the traditional way, on some of the roughest country Arizona has to offer. The day to day cattle work in this vast, harsh country demands a horse that can do it all, and that’s what we raise. These horses know how to adapt. They get around on rough terrain, and they’ve done it all, from working big herds of cattle, to dragging calves to the fire, to packing ranch kids around after they’re retired. 

All three programs are headed up by accomplished horsemen who pay attention to “black type” and market trends, as well as conformation and usability. All of these sale horses carry the bloodlines of generations of horses with the cow sense, intelligence, and athletic ability to perform well, whether on a working ranch, or in the arena in almost any discipline.

Historic Ranches, Legendary Horses

“At our ranches, we take pride in the knowledge that we work for the people of this country and we are both proud and honored to invite you to our sale to share in the legacy of our ranching heritage.” 

All the horses offered by the K4, Diamond A, and Campwood ranches are lightly started as two-year-olds by dedicated and experienced Horsemen. Once the colts and fillies learn the basics they are turned out on the ranch for the rest of the year so they can learn lessons about rocks, steep country, and life lessons from the cranky old retired ranch geldings that babysit the youngsters.

The ranches gather their prospects late in their two-year-old or early in their three-year-old year and expose them to life as ranch horses and performance prospects. As four-year-olds, horses go “on the payroll” and learn to make a living as a ranch horse that can be counted on to work quietly and efficiently in all the many aspects of the ranching industry. Finally, as five-year-old geldings and mares, the horses are counted on as part of the team that work hard day in and day out to produce beef for families around the country.

“Our program of making skilled and reliable horses that will last well into their twenties is slow but proven. Many of the every day using horses and performance horses on all three ranches are in the upper teens or lower twenties because of the care we take to spare them as youngsters.”

This outlook on horseflesh is age-old but nearly forgotten in today’s fast-paced world. So many producers overwork young horses to show off potential risking the long-term health and well-being of the horse later in life.

The producers of the Legacy Horse Sale take great pride in starting horses and using them through life in a way that insure longevity both physically and mentally. “The way we do things is not the most profitable way to do things in a modern horse world but we think it is the right way.”

“We are so proud to offer to the public a range of quality horses that will fit the needs of any level of rider or any level of work or performance.” These horses are friends, partners, and co-workers to the men and woman that have shared sunrise and sunset, heat and cold, joy and sorrow with their horses. “Nothing pleases us more than to see these wonderful horses take the next step in their careers and to touch the lives of others the way they have touched the lives of the men and woman that have known them and worked with them through their lives.”

Attend the Legacy Ranch Horse Sale on Saturday, September 18th, 2021 at 5:30 pm at the Historic Prescott Rodeo Grounds in Prescott, Arizona.

For more information visit or call 520-360-9524.