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Photo by: Little Coyotes Outfitters……

For those lucky enough to be raised on a farm, their childhood probably looked a little different than most. Early mornings, barn chores, and horseback rides are regular occurrences for this bunch. Farm kids learn some important lessons though, and they’re stronger for it!

Mud, mud, mud! Kids love playing in the mud. They always find a way to get covered in it!

Most of these kiddos have been on a horse before they could walk. Most horse mamas get good at ponying.

Hello, cute apparel! Every farm kid has a pair of overalls, cowboy boots, and warm Carhartt beanie.

Chores are apart of everyday life. From watering the animals to scooping manure, it’s nice having an extra set of hands.

A toy tractor is a must! They have to be like their daddy or mommy and follow along.

What a great way to grow up! Do you agree?