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Good morning! It’s time to go horse showin’! Let’s start the day off right. 

Wake Up to Your First Alarm

Just five more minutes quickly turns into ten minutes, which turns into 15… and the story goes on. Next thing you know, half a boot is on and you’re wobbling out the door 30 minutes behind schedule. Your blood is pumping and your heart is racing. That’s no way to start the morning of your show. Snoozing your alarm = being late = stress. It’s a lose-lose situation. 

Take Some Deep Breaths

After waking up (without hitting snooze), it’s time for some deep breaths. Before the excitement tickles your toes, itches your knees, and puts butterflies in your stomach, give yourself a moment to calmly and slowly wake up. Your mind and body will thank you later for stopping the panic jolt of waking up early for a horse show, especially when it’s 3:30 am. 

Begin Positive Thoughts Right Away 

Between each deep breath, tell yourself something positive. Visualize the best run you’ve ever had and tell yourself you can do it. Your mindset for showing begins hours before stepping foot into the arena. 

Drink Some Water and Coffee

It’s better to start your hydration early because chances are we’ll leave the day dehydrated (we all do it). And how else do you start an early morning without some caffeine!?

Eat Breakfast

How do you fill a stomach full of butterflies with food? Take some breaths and have something that sounds good to eat to entice you! I know it’s hard to eat on a show day, but your body and food need nutrition. Plus food means brain power. And brain power means memorizing all those patterns throughout the day! 

Start Getting Ready, You’re Going to Go Kick Butt! 

A great morning equals a great day. You’ve got this! Show them what you’ve got!