1883 cowgirl magazine
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In 1883, Taylor Sheridan strived for authenticity in everything, especially the accurate representation of Native Americans. He says, “I don’t think that there is a more misrepresented group in American cinema than the Native Americans. And what little I can do to correct that historical perspective in fiction, I’m going to do it.”

In each tribe on the show, there are members from that tribe to make sure that what the show is portraying is authentic. There is even a Native Affairs Organizer who helps make sure all the details are accurate.

The official account shared a great video on Twitter about the work that went into making the show as authentic as possible:

We love the extra effort Taylor Sheridan and the crew put into all the details, no matter how small. They even brought on Western historian, actor, and all-around genre expert Peter Sherayko and the chief armorer on Tombstone, Thell Reed, to train the cast on proper period firearm use. Read about it here!