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Of the West, the agricultural and western job platform, has just released a new class for college students.

The Next Era of Ag class is designed for the future generation of ag student leaders.

“The Next Era of Ag is a career development program, aimed at college students, who are pursuing a career in an agriculture or western industry. The program is designed to help students gain clarity as they transition into their desired careers, and promote the importance of agriculture and western industry jobs,” writes Of the West.

Students will partake in:

  • monthly webinars with Jessie Jarvis and Sarah Wilson, the founders of Of the West
  • one on one meetings throughout the program with Jessie and Sarah
  • virtual network with other students in the program

At the end of the program, students will receive a letter of recommendation. Students will, also, develop a further understanding of the importance of agriculture and be more prepared for their future in the agriculture industry.

“The students that leave this program will be the next era of agriculture and western industry leaders.”

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