Moving your horse to college cowgirl magazine
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The end of summer and moving to a new college town is around the corner for some! For those lucky enough to pack their equine companion along in the move, here’s a smart checklist to consider for your horse’s move-in!

1. Vaccinations

Moving your horse to a new barn or stable is like putting your kids in school! They’ll be exposed to new environments and horses that could be carriers of diseases you want to stay far away from! Avoid the potential vet bill and heartache by making sure your horse is up to date on the vaccines recommended for the area!

2. First Aid Kit

A good veterinary box on hand is a must-have as a horse owner whether you’re moving or not!

3. Trough Cleaning Supplies

Make sure you clean out the water troughs or feeders of your horse’s new space!

4. Fly Masks and Bug Spray

It’s better to be safe than sorry! Be sure to pack the moving trailer with fly masks and bug spray to prevent from any diseases or viruses that are spread through pests!

5. Salt/Mineral Block

Don’t forget to throw in a salt or mineral block into their new home! There’s so many new products on the market that provide your horses with the vitamins and minerals they need just through a few licks!

6. Equine Electrolytes

Be prepared if your horse doesn’t drink water at their new home at first! It’s common for horses to get adjusted to the water after a few days. If this is the case for you, try feeding your horse some electrolytes!

7. Equine Dewormer

Whether you’re moving your horse or not, it’s so important to stay on top of your horse’s worming schedule! Certain parasites and worms can be passed through the new exposures such as new feed and surroundings.

8. Health Papers

Moving your horse to a college or university out of state? You’ll need to cough up some paperwork between the state lines! Make sure you have proof of a an up to date negative coggins test and health certificate!

9. Stall Contact Sign

Last but not least, don’t leave your horse hanging without hanging a stall sign outside of their new home! Include your information in case of an emergency emergency contact