Left photo courtesy of @wildplainsshop on Instagram. Right photo courtesy of @kaleipeytonn on Instag…

A Tik Tok trend has hit the Western world and Marijka Hunsaker has led it! 

The Tik Tok trend is finding Pinterest pictures to recreate to “spice up your Instagram feed.” 

Marijka Hunsaker was inspired to add her own Western twist to the trend! 

This picture inspired a multitude of others to join in! 

From boutique owners…

To Western influencers, such as the famous Gypsy Jordy

To even graphic designers! 

And even in a record store! 

Moms are doing it, too!

This trend has taken over our Instagram feeds and I’m not complaining! Love the Western twist on all of them! 

How cool is it to see so many powerful women come together and be inspired by one another! A great way to start off 2022!