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Pearl snap satin pajamas? Those are words we never thought we’d see together. The Buckskin Babes proved us wrong and combined them to make the ultimate set of cowgirl pajamas.

They were released on their sister company’s website, Buckskin Bikini.

They are made out of satin with yolk detailing. They have collars, pockets, and pearl snaps to mimic the look of a true pearl snap. The line includes an array of vintage-inspired pearl snap designs.

Shelby is the genius behind the designs. She is most known for upcycling vintage clothing but recently has taken a knack for designing it.

“I absolutely love thinking up new designs & ideas to make the most unique, original vintage clothing for you babes!” writes Shelby.

For a simpler set, she included a design with just “Cowboys Lie” on the pocket. “For all the babes who have lost sleep over a cowboy… You can now sleep peacefully in our newest pajama set knowing: They Lie,” describes Shelby about the design.

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